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We are unlike any other tanning salon in Eau Claire! Our friendly staff is educated about safe tanning. We take pride in keeping our salon clean by sanitizing each tanning bed after every use. Our tanning beds are all high-performance Sun Ergoline and Sundash tanning beds with frequently changed lamps to ensure you get a great tan every time. We are close to campus and offer private parking in back. With 12 tanning beds, there is virtually no wait. Register your wedding party with us to receive special tanning and hair discounts.

     ● 8 Premium Facial Tanning Beds (43 regular
         lamps and 11 high-output facial lamps)
     ● 2 Super Tanning Beds
     ● SR-48 Stand-up Tanning Booth
     ● Turbo 600 Tanning Bed

Learn more about tanning and our tanning beds.
Call 715-836-7500 to make your tanning appointment.

Tanning Lotions

Using a lotion can help you achieve exceptional color and keep it longer. We offer Designer Skin's phenomenal line of tanning lotions exclusively because they provide the ultimate in skin nutrition with awesome results.

Learn more about lotions and why you shouldn't tan without them.


Tanning with Minutes

Facials and super tanning beds are minute to minute. The standup booth uses three minutes for every minute you tan and the turbo uses five minutes for every minute.

1 Facial/Super Session


1 Stand-up Booth Session


50 Minutes


150 Minutes


300 Minutes


400 Minutes


500 Minutes


1,000 Minutes



Unlimited Tanning

You may tan as much as you like in a facial or super tanning bed without any extra charge. There is an additional charge of 22 cents per minute for
the standup tanning booth and 66 cents
per minute for the turbo tanning bed.

1 Month


3 Months


6 Months


1 Year


Turbo Tanning Only

Our Sun Ergoline Turbo 600 tanning bed is the fastest, smartest way to tan. The UV-A rays give you a darker tan that lasts longer and reduces your chance of burning. Maximum of 15 minutes per use.

1 Turbo


5 Turbos


10 Turbos


15 Turbos


30 Turbos